How Small Businesses Can Leverage Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is redefining how businesses run, affect the operations of large companies and start-ups. For some, the concept of “cloud computing” is a relatively new concept.

Cloud computing gives companies access to the estimated result or production equipment and software, without ownership or maintenance is required to buy it. Most often, cloud computing is delivered as software as a service (SaaS) where users can access a web based solution through a subscription without huge investment in IT infrastructure to support it. Recent growth in cloud computing is driven by growth in mobile technology platform that allows users to access information anywhere, anytime.

Although large companies with many geographically dispersed offices have benefited from cloud computing, it has been even greater benefits for small businesses. Small businesses now have access to enterprise solutions through cloud computing that would otherwise be unaffordable for them. Even more importantly, allow this cloud-based solution for small businesses to function more like larger companies in the information they can access while maintaining flexibility and agility of a small business, allowing them to react and adapt to the situation.

Some of the benefits cloud computing provides small businesses are:

No heavy investment or maintenance in it- The software as a service approach allows multiple users to subscribe to a solution. Seller provide solution- Intaact, NetSuite, etc. absorb maintenance costs, and by offering the solution on a subscription basis shared by savings due to economies of scale due to the volume user.

Easy implementation- Cloud solutions eliminate the need for small businesses to invest in infrastructure development, training and support. Companies subscribe to the service, and training and support is provided by the seller as needed basis. The business owner can subscribe and unsubscribe to the cloud services they want.

Move to it- For small businesses with limited manpower, cloud based services free up time for IT resources to be transferred to a more strategic initiatives or reduce the need for full-time IT staff.

Security Business owners should always check this, but reputable cloud based solutions are knowledgeable about up-to-date security and encryption technology. This will be one important task that the business owner does not have to deal with, as responsibility is absorbed by a cloud service provider that can have more knowledge in this field.

Scalability- Most cloud providers offer packages with different levels of access so that small businesses need only pay for the services they need and use, resulting in overall cost savings for small businesses.

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery As a small business, this is an important task that often lack the attention it deserves simply because manpower and bandwidth. Cloud based services to assist with this, as they back up critical information offsite as part of providing a solution for easy access to this data in an emergency.

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