Small Business ERP Software


Enterprise Resource Planning ERP business management system that integrates all aspects of the business, including planning, manufacturing, sales and marketing. As the ERP methodology has become more popular, the software emerged to help business managers implement ERP in activities such as inventory control, order tracking, customer service, finance and human resources.

Small business are usually family business and therefore not too many of them use ERP software as they have accounting systems in place. Many companies providing ERP solutions to small-sized business houses. Few players in this field are Microsoft Business Solutions, NetERP, Compiere and simplify Enterprise Solution.

Microsoft Business Solutions has recently offered to provide ERP solution for SMEs. This would link SMEs with large organizations, their employees, customers and suppliers for rationalization.

NetERP is the ERP solution from NetSuite. It is a business application that supports back-office functions. This can control Financials, purchasing, inventory, web presence and payroll with ERP components that are tightly integrated.

Compiere’s Open Source ERP software suitable for small to medium enterprises (SME) in the international market. It covers different areas such as customer management, supply chain management and accounting.

The Intuitive Enterprise Solution is ERP software that helps small and mid-size manufacturing companies achieve greater productivity and at the same time, lower cost. Intuitive ERP focuses on building flexibility and control, planning data and also automate business processes across the enterprise. This product offers a complete integration of planning and materials management and procurement. It will also decrease the cost of production and financial business processes and thereby improves the productivity, quality and control.

It is believed that the accounting system can manage small businesses effectively. However, the outlook is changing today with many small businesses to invest in ERP, as it is cross-functional and enterprise wide.


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