Employee Insurance package for the Small Business Owner


If you are a business owner, attorney with his own exercises, self-employed plumber or are otherwise self-employed, one of the many important challenges you will face is definitely the kind of medical care insurance plan and other personal insurance protection you should have for you and your family.

The bad news is you and not the company that employs you to pay for your insurance coverage. The good news is that you also get to determine what goes into the package.

optimal coverage and compensation plan should give you the income you illness or injury keeps you from working, add your loved ones in the event of early death. It will also include saving for retirement and health care coverage.

Protection of disability

Disability income protection is the least thought of many lines of insurance. Most people have personal medical insurance coverage because we fear that we can get the disease or hurt and forced to pay a heavy health expenditure. For some reason we think less about the fact that we will be unable to work. Maybe we just do not consider it. But we should. Retirement injuries are among the main causes of bankruptcy. This is an important personal insurance protection.

Life Protection

Cash value life, annual renewable term life cover or change? The kind you buy will not matter if your family is required. Only the face amount will be important. If you are a parent of young children or have one for you, you should have life insurance.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is not inevitable, but if we are lucky enough to live a long life we ​​want to have enough money to enjoy retirement in. Without systematic savings, there is a great chance that you will find yourself with less than you need.

LTCi or Long Term Care Personal Insurance Protection

Home health care and its costs are not often seen. However, the cost of home health care or nursing home can cost over $ 1,000 a day. Neither typical medical cover policy or Medicare or Medigap pays for home health care.

Medical Protection

Having the right medical insurance is important with the cost of health care rising every year. The cost of drugs, the price of looking care from a doctor or nurse, the cost of hospitalization and costs brief emergency room has increased every year. Medicine has intensified much faster than inflation in general and certainly more than the average paycheck in America. Make sure you have good protection in this area. Top notch personal insurance protection does not necessarily mean that you should have your first dollar health coverage policy. However, it should certainly you have a good defense for big things. Moderate to high deductible plans are often very good value and provide you with coverage for important things.

coverage for Dental Care

Dental care insurance is another important consideration. However, achieving oral care at a cost that is reasonable might not be available to you as an individual. Be aware of price, benefits and the waiting time before committing yourself. You might discover that you will do better when you pay Oral directly with the money you save by buying overpriced dental coverage plan.


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