Best Apps for Business – Small Business Marketing Strategy


If you have a local business and are looking for a small business marketing strategy that works, then you need to invest in the best apps for business advertising. Business apps are fast becoming the new search engine for mobile and tablet searches and taking advantage of this technology is now affordable for small businesses.

Small Business Marketing Strategy

Marketing is usually one of the most expensive items to any small business, but important for growth. Traditional marketing methods, such as flyers and postcards can work very well, but as more and more people rely on their mobile phones for instant information and become accustomed to instant gratification when looking for information; this is the ideal way to advertise. Email marketing is estimated that only 4% open and read speed, so 96% of the cost of email marketing is a waste. Mobile marketing has 97% open and read speed and is also located on local customers mobile that they carry with them all day.

One of the biggest advantages of mobile marketing is the ability to reach people in place. With push notifications, you can send a daily special and the largest proportion of reports are read within an hour of being sent. This means that you can bring customers through the door minutes after send out your notice.

No other marketing tool, with the exception of Google Maps gives you so geographically targeted audience for small business marketing strategy. When utilizing both this new technology, you can dominate the market and ensure that you only use permission based marketing.

What are the Best Apps for Business

Making use of interactive applications for business marketing will ensure that your customers coming back for more. Some of the best features included in the apps are rewards programs that offer free moment after a certain number of purchases or discount loyal customers. A one touch button communication means ease of use and utilize the GPS function means being able to offer fun interactive offers to those who venture within a radius of the store.

app should also unlimited notifications so that you can offer as many rooms as many local people as you would like to without having to incur additional costs. Best apps for business should include a planning and development charge a small monthly maintenance and support costs. Until recently, small businesses have found the price-tag of five to fifteen thousand dollars far beyond the reach of the development costs, and fortunately, this is no longer necessary. For an initial investment of around $ 1,500 for the development and less than $ 40 per month service, you can have unlimited notifications.


The New York Times says that mobile marketing is the most powerful media ever invented, and now is the time to take advantage of it and grow your business. You can start marketing your business locals and can start to see results within the first notification submission. As a small business marketing strategy investment that you make the best apps for business means spending less and getting more customers who want your services and products.


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