Multi-Line Small Business Phone


Multi-line small business phones are ideal for the upcoming small business. With multi-line operations, can put the current call on hold to take another call. It will be possible to use two phone lines with only one phone. This allows multi line phone efficient and convenient tool for managing business calls. Multi-line small business phones are mainly available in the markets corded phone companies and non-coded phone company.

Most multi-line small business Corded phones have digital answering system, call waiting, caller ID memory, three-way conferencing and dialing system.

Multi-line speakerphone is another type of corded multi line business phone. Many of these phones with a speakerphone, hold, flash and auto redial, mute buttons, 32 number memory and handset volume controller. A two line professional conference phone with two microphone system has a 360-degree coverage. The multi-line speaker phone is full duplex conference phone.

A variety of multi-line cordless phones are available in the market. The multi-line 2.4GHz cordless phone with speakerphone is one such model. It features a dual keypad, 50 names and numbers in the phone book, handset locator and 4-party conferencing. Multi line 5.8GHz range expandable cordless phone with digital answering system is another form. The key features include digital duplex speakerphone on handset and base, hold and mute the handset and the base and short light-up antenna with warning messages. The phone is wall mount. The 5.8GHz multi line cordless phones are made on the basis of 5.8 GHz DSS (Digital Spread Spectrum) technology.

Multi-line digital cordless phone system is another type of Small Business Phone. It has long range, Digital Cordless and wireless friendly phone system. This takes communication to a higher level with amazing sound clarity, providing enhanced reception and features including talking caller ID.

Most small business phones fall into multi line phone system category. Two to four phone lines will be connected to a telephone. Multi line phone systems are affordable, full-featured and highly functional for ordinary office.


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