Small Business Tips – Track Marketing


When you spend time to research then create an ad campaign it is very important that you monitor how it is working. Measurement is one of the major steps to create successful programs.

This is a step to a successful campaign.

  • You have carefully studied the market and customers.
  • With the information you developed a plan.
  • After you develop a plan that you apply it consistently.
  • The monitor campaign performance
  • You used information gathered from tracking to optimize your campaign

Then you can start again from the beginning. It is a constant process and every step is important.

Without tracking program you could get more than a faint impression of what is working. You may have noticed that sales have gone up or down and you may not know why it happened.

Tracking allows you to take a picture of the program and see the strong and weak spots or techniques. This allows you to know where improvements or changes are possible.

You can collect the information you need fairly simply.

  • Ask your customers where they are coming from.
  • Count the number of coupons.
  • Track numbers for sales of the actual item you are selling.

Marketing is the process or method you use to get people to try or buy a product or service. Without tracking you target your campaign in a vacuum.

Create a simple spreadsheet to track day the day results. How many calls are coming. How many witnesses are asked completed. How many products or services are sold.

Track it and areas that need assistance will be obvious. As the campaign itself, measurements should be liquid depends on the goals you want. So if you are trying to increase the number of bids you do, watch for.

Just put the measurement of the actual action that you are trying to create and marketing will be much more effective.


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