Government Incentives aimed at Small Business Owner


If you are interested in a franchise opportunity that is a small business based, it is important to know that our government is providing more incentive than ever to open a business. Job losses in this slower economy, many people are turning to self-employment, with the franchise. There are many small businesses for sale that can get easier than before.

The brand recognition as a franchise provides adds value to the business. Current management is to provide more tools for small businesses to access capital and create jobs. This is done to bring us back on track for economic recovery. With the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the Small Business Administration has helped more than 33,000 loans for over $ 13 billion dollars. Based on eligibility, the SBA loan maximums increased in various fields.

Women and minorities will also benefit from increased small loan companies, as they are encouraged to apply. An increasing number of small businesses for sale are purchased by women and minorities and have proven very successful. In the past, these demographics were more likely to be denied a loan than a white man. Now, women-owned businesses make up more than 28% of all small businesses. Minorities still play a much smaller role, but with increased population and possibly start work that can be accomplished, the government is encouraging lenders to work harder with them.

In addition, there are incentives that help with the cost of health care, tax reduction based on initial cost, more federal funding for innovation and high tech jobs, as well as create a network of incubators companies designed to assist the small business owner.

The US government is on the side of the franchise owner. This incentive is for those looking for a small business for sale potentially grow employment opportunities for others. The more jobs that can be put back into the system, the faster the economy will continue to grow.

Number of franchise opportunities is vast and varied. It may be an opportunity for everyone who has what it takes to run their own small businesses. Having greater access to capital as well as tax incentives will make the idea of ​​owning your own business easier to get. If you think you have the knowledge and skills to start your own business, consider some of the popular franchise opportunities available today.


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