Banking and Company Credit Card Rules for Small Business


Is your small business with banking and credit policy? If not, perhaps you might want to think about it. Developing such policies and procedures is not a difficult task. It will not take you long at all to do relatively simple operations to achieve banking and credit strategies.

Below please find a summary or guidelines to assist you in developing your own small business banking technology.

What I usually recommend is that you print out this article and then change the outline best fit your business and banking needs. Then, after the changes in the industry itself and tape it to a legal pad, then on the following pages of the legal pad write a paragraph or two on each number and letter item. When you have written and re-written these pages you now have a rough draft, then type in your ideas and plan processor computer and it’s your operations in a place as you expand you business to its full potential.

banking and credit cards


A. Current

b. Company Credit Cards

C. Supply Ordering

D. Interest Accounts

E. Numbers places

II. Credit Card Processing

A. How it works

B. Percentages

C. Royalty Payments

III. ATM cards

A. Private Use

B. Credit Cards

C. Business Fund commingling



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